This site contains random pictures taken on different occasions and at various locations. Occasionally minor adaptations have been made in lenscorrections, whitebalance or perspective. A few images have been trimmed. Mostly what you see is right out of the camera, in this case Canon Eos 450D. Since the end of december 2018 I am using it's newer version, Canon Eos 80D.

There is in no way the aim to claim a professional level in photography, consider it as a joyfull way of registrating life and the appearance of our environment. The collection therefor varies from closeup images to landscapes, buildings, structures and a catch of light or lightconditions. Seperate collections are available for Images taken on trips to Norway in summer and specefic to Lofoten in winter.

Roll through this site to take part of what my camera brought me. FLASH ONLY will direct you to the page which can only be viewed using Adobe Flash, all others are HTML and therefore accessable for each system. Clicking the Logo on top of the page will bring you back tot this main page.

All rights reserved to MMXV. Any unauthorized publication is prohibited by law. In case you are interested in using any of these images you can buy a file in .jpeg. Send your request by email to info@mmxv.nl with the specified date and Filenumber(s). In case of publication in any way after obtained permission, MMXV must be added in a caption as photographer. Reselling is prohibited without a completed agreement on royalty fee.

Enjoy viewing these images. Mark van Kessel.


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